Nani ki kahaani

My relationship with Phulkari dates back to the time of partition . Like many,my maternal family have suffered, being looted and separated from their loved ones but the Phulkari. My Nanu (grandfather) stayed in newly born Pakistan as he could not escape. They were apart from each other for months in this turmoil. With having no phone call or internet at that time, a piece of phulkari remained with Nani as the epitome of their love.

Just like every thread of Phulkari, they were distant from each other but still lived as one. Fortunately, their struggle came to a beautiful end and my Nanu managed to come to India and reunited with the family.This phulkari shawl belongs to my nani. It has grown old with her .Phulkari, which literally translates to ‘flower work’ is a unique style of embroidery of Punjab particularly. However, more than just a handicraft, the threads of Phulkari are inextricably tied to the interwoven history of Punjab. Both have endured much through the partition, industrial reforms, changing economic and fashion trends.

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